Is there something that has been weighing you down lately? Me too. At first, I thought it was just the cold winter months but I then understood, it’s something much more. I have been listening to a lot of Jordan Peterson’s books lately and it’s making me realize how much of a mask I put on in public whether it be at work, in school Or anywhere else and not for COVID19 reason. For instance, whenever I am in a situation where there are comments lingering that I should be offended by, I laugh and pretend like they don’t bother me, when they literally start to consume my world. Listening to JP has led me to conclude that I do this for acceptance and low self-esteem reasons. Why do we care so much about what people think? I ask myself this everyday but perhaps I need to take a deeper dive in psychology to be able to answer all those critical questions. This brings me back to why we really started Tell The Truth; it is to help people become their best, honest selves. I question myself everyday that if I can’t even seem to keep that promise, how can I expect the world to get on board? That’s the beauty of it! We’re all a work in progress and our past mistakes don’t indeed define us. Today, we have the power to become the version that we have always dreamt of. So, what are you doing today to achieve those goals?